Glitter candle jars

My best friend got married this past November. She was doing her wedding on a budget and asked me to do some DIY glitter jars as part of her centre pieces.

Project difficulty: 4/10

I started asking my friends to keep all their burnt out candle jars.

1. I got all the leftover wax out by freezing the jars. The longer you leave it in the freezer the better.  When you remove it from the freezer, the wax might pop right out, or you’ll need to use a knife to break up the wax. Any little pieces that are stuck to the jar you can remove with nail polish remover. I heard baby oil works too but never tried.

2. You’ll need painter’s tape, Elmer’s glue and of course, glitter.

3. Decide what pattern you want and tape the inside of the jar. If you want the glitter on the outside, you can tape the outside. I didn’t want glitter to fall everywhere so I did mine on the inside. It took a few tries to get the tape to go on straight.

4. I watered down the glue a little 3:1 ratio.  Then I painted the inside of the jar with the glue. Then immediately sprinkled the glitter all around the jar. Don’t worry if the glue and glitter got on the tape, when you peel the tape off, all that will be gone. Dump out the excess glitter and reuse. Let dry.

5. Carefully remove the tape. You might want to use the tip of a knife to help peel off the tape. If some of the glue or glitter seeped through the tape, simply remove with a Q-Tip with a little nail polish remover.

6. Put a tealight candle inside and you got yourself a glitter candle jar.


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