Jewelry Board

I decided to create a jewelry board because I kept wearing the same pieces over and over again. I realized putting them in jewelry boxes meant out of sight, out of mind. So what better way to display my bling than creating a jewelry board?

Level of difficulty: 2/10

  1. I purchased a framed cork board at Home Sense. I love the detail on the frame. You can definitely purchase the cork board and the frame separately. You can get the cork board at Michael’s.
  2. I took out the cork board from the frame and painted it white to match the frame. I did a couple of coats of paint because it sucks up quite a lot of paint.
  3. Once it was dried, I tacked on a few strings and a ribbon with decorative tacks. The strings to hang my drop earrings. The ribbon to pin my studs. I wish I purchased ribbons with holes in them to make the pinning of the studs easier. You have to play with the height of each string for the drop earrings. I adjusted mine a few times.
  4. Once you secure the strings and ribbon with tacks, figure out where you want your bracelets and rings to go. Place the actual jewelry on the board and arrange.
  5. Once you decide, place pearl head pins on an angle.
  6. Put the cork board back into the frame and Voila, your very own cork board jewelry board.

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