Spring Cleaning Part I – Purging your closet

Tips & Tricks on what to keep, give away and donate from your closet.

It is spring cleaning time already. Feels like yesterday we just did the last one. It is a daunting task but it must be done. I love how ‘light’ the home feels when it is all complete. The purging, organizing and cleaning is satisfying. But before that, things will get a little messy. Yes, even messier than it already is.  You have to ignore the extra mess and look toward the finish line, it is worth it.

Clothes & Accessories

I usually start off with the closet. I go through all of my clothes and see what I want to keep and what I know for sure I won’t wear. It’s not easy to decide what I should get rid of. Here are a few tricks I learned. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. When was the last time I wore this? If it is more than a year ago, perhaps it needs to go.
  2. Does it fit me still? If the answer is no, then do not hang on to it. You might lose that few pounds in a few months, but if you do not, it is just a reminder that you didn’t. Let’s treat yourself when you do lose those few pounds by buying a replacement outfit.
  3. Is it still in style? If it isn’t, the chances of you wearing it is quite slim. Put it in the donation pile.
  4. If you are still not sure, then use the backwards hanger method. Hang the piece with the hanger backwards. If you wear it before the next purge, you will hang it the right way. If the hanger is still backwards in the next few months, it is time to donate the piece.

Put all the clothes for Salvation Army donation in a pile. I like to put it in a room that is used often…just in case you decide to stop the cleaning and leave the pile in the corner for another few weeks. By having the pile in a high traffic area, you will be more likely to take it to donate in the next few days as it will be an eye sore.

You don’t have to donate everything. Just make four piles: Donation pile, Friends & Family pile, Selling (online / consignment) and ‘This cannot be saved’ pile. The ‘This cannot be saved pile’ can be anything from clothes with holes to intimates. Not even donations will take your clean undies.

Once the clothes are complete, I continue with shoes, purses and accessories. Use the same method as above. Ask youself when you last wore it and if it is in style.  

More to come. Stay tuned…

How do you start your spring cleaning? Share your tips and tricks.