Design inspiration from Chile

I was recently invited to visit Chile and of course I jumped at the chance. I had no clue what South American had installed for me. Upon arriving I was taken to this local market in Santiago. Local artisans selling their crafts in tiny store fronts.  The breeze and shades made the hot summer weather in Santiago very enjoyable. We were invited to a relative’s house and I got to see how South Americans decorate their homes. I admired their outdoor living space. Luscious greens at every corner. The cross breeze from the open windows and doors was refreshing. There were no flies, mosquitos or bugs. This was heaven! The white kitchen was definitely my favourite. The grey and white checkered tiles were carried outdoors to the patio, the pots and pans on display and the fruits…oh the fruits. Those would have all disappeared if I lived there.  Everywhere I turn, I see wood panels.  The wood panels were painted white or left in its own natural state.

We went to Vina Del Mar and Valpariso for the day. I capture this beautiful view of Valpariso. And look at these beach condos in Vina Del Mar. In between each condo, they had vehiculars elevators to take you up to your level. There also were stairs but thought the vertical elevators were more fun. These amazing beach condos faced the ocean, I wish I can wake up every morning to this view. We flew down south to see some volcanos and stayed at another relative’s home. He had an array of antiques. This fireplace kept us warm at night. The south was a lot cooler than Santiago as it is closer to the South Pole. I left Chile and realized I am in love with natural wood in my decor. Natural wood floors, tables and cabinets are things Chile and I currently have in common in my home. Where have you travelled to and was inspire with their decor?