Displaying seashells from vacations

I just came back from St. Maarten last night. While in the water, we collected some shells. I came home and was not sure what to do with all the shells.

I found a small glass jar so I bottled up the tiny shells.

There aren’t many in the bottle now but I do plan to collect more in my future travels. I can then add to my collection.

I then surround the jar with the larger seashells and put then in my existing display box. While searching for shells, I also found a broken piece of a large shell. Wish I have the whole thing. 

If you know what it is, please let me know. I then put the broken piece on top of the display box. Who says you need to put everything inside the box?!

I am sure the broken shell will be a conversation piece. And since the display is by the front door, if guests miss it coming in, they sure will see it while leaving.  There you have it, this only took a couple of minutes to do. And now I have a display of my new seashell collection.

What did you do with your seashells?


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