Tell me your success story please!

I am hoping you can share your story with me and give me the ‘Ah-ha’ moment I need to figure out what my next steps should be. I’m a 30 something woman who works in the marketing department in the print industry. The industry is shrinking drastically with all the free contents online. And quite frankly, I do not want to sink with the ship.


I want to help people!

j0321063When I ask myself what I want to do, I do not have an answer. All I know is I want to help people. Any shape or form. Doesn’t have to be helping people directly like a doctor or teacher. I just want to make a difference somehow (and I already volunteer regularly at Meals on Wheels).

What’s my passion?


If I do not end up with a job that helps people, I am thinking at least I should do something that I am passionate about. So what am I passionate about? I don’t know either. Yeah, I’m not a lot of help to myself. I have this conversation with myself and others regularly and nothing comes out of it.

If you build it, they might not come

j0289379I love success stories and always wish I can be one of them. I read $100 Start up and all the success stories reminded me of what I learned in marketing class. It is better to sell something that is in demand than producing a product and then try to sell it. It is especially true when I am the worse sales person on the planet. I don’t even know how to bargain! So what kind of success story can I make for myself?

How did you figure it all out?

AA002733So what do you do for a living and how did you figure out that is what you wanted to do? What steps did you take to figure that out? What questions did you ask yourself? What is your personal success story? Let me know.

Thank you everyone. Looking forward to read your stories.