Shiny boots with coconut oil

Bought a jar of coconut oil last week. I made a coffee scrub with it and it is the best scrub I have yet tried. 

I read somewhere that you can use coconut oil to shine your boots. Since I have a giant tub of coconut oil…why not! 

All you need is a little coconut oil and a paper towel. Make sure the shoes are already cleaned. I had to clean all the winter salt off before rubbing in the oil.

Then rub away. 

Here’s the difference. 

Left = coconut oil 

Right = untreated

Not too bad right? What else can I do with coconut oil?


One thought on “Shiny boots with coconut oil

  1. The days or week after how did it turn out? I use coconut oil for about everything, but I have not tried it on my boots. I just started a shoe shine business and in doing some research I found this post. Interesting stuff.


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