Cottaging in Haliburton

This past weekend I went to a cottage in Haliburton. And boy, did I find myself to be a rookie!

First of all, we booked a place where you are not allowed to flush toilet paper down the toilet because of the septic tank. I was not happy with the situation but no one else spoke up about it but me. So we went on and booked the place.

Since we went last weekend, it was still cool and bug season was not over. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a swarm of mosquitos. We were definitely fresh blood for them.  We all ran into the cottage and no one wanted to venture back to the car to retrieve the rest of our luggage.

After we got the mosquito repellant from the luggage, we went around the premise to explore. We all sat by the dock and dipped our feet in the water. We were enjoying the sun and the picturesque scenary, until I spotted a gigantic spider! I jumped and no one believed the size of the spider I was describing…until I found it again and pointed it out. We all ran back into the cabin! Yes, this is the point when I realized how urban I am. I’m a city girl. We eventually went back out again. But took us an hour to go back out.

Then when I got back to work, I was telling a coworker who have been cottaging all her life, the stories about the mosquitos. She made a joke and said ‘Stop eating bananas’. I asked seriously if they attract mosquitos. She said it is a know fact! Well…clearly we didn’t! My sister in law purposely brought bananas to make milkshakes for us because they made a really spicy jerky chicken. We all drank one!

All in all, it was a great weekend. I would definitely do it again…perhaps minus the bugs, insects and perhaps a toilet that will let you flush toilet paper down. But I will do it all over again. How can I not? Look at the scenary?! It is like out of a magazine!