Summer in British Columbia

I try to go to BC every year to visit my dad. This year was no exception except…he wasn’t in town! What was supposed to be a visit with my dad turned into a discovery of BC for me.

I have been to Vancouver many times and have been to most of the tourist destinations. Where are the tourist destinations? Whistler, Capilano, Grandville Island, Grouse Moutain, Robson St., Richmond Night Market, Canada Place, Stanley Park, Vancouver Aquarium, the list goes on and on and on.

(Capilano Bridge)

(Richmond night market)


(Stanley Park)

After so many times in Vancouver…it gets a little tired. So we decided to head to Ucluelet/Tofino.

The Pacific Rim is amazing! We saw whales, deers, bald eagles and plenty of sea creatures. There are so many things to do at the Pacific Rim National Park that you can spend hours just exploring.

(Whale watching)

(Star fish)

(Sea anemone)

(Exploring in the rain forest trail)

(Dead jellyfish)

(Long beach)

Nature really knows how to create beautiful things for us to enjoy. No matter how grand or tall manmade skyscrapers are back home, nothing can wow me more than the tree that has been growing for 800 years. The beauty of nature always wins.

Where do you go to find your zen?


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