Door – Daily Post Photo Challenge

I snapped this shot of this door at the Interior design show in Toronto. This set of glossy doors lead to one of three Ikea kitchen designes. 


DIY Sharpies dishware

I saw all these ornate Sharpie cups on Pinterest recently and thought how hard can it be? And would the Sharpie wash off? The answer is it isn’t hard and it will stay if you handwash them.

Project difficulty: 3

Start off with a plate (or whatever you desire to make). I got this Dollarstore plate for $2.50 CAD. And oil based Sharpie. I read quite a few blogs and they all say to use oil based.

Then start your design. If you make a mistake, you can use alcohol to whip off the Sharpie. I used nail polish remover and it worked.

Once you are done with your design, let the paint set overnight. Then put it in the oven at 350 F and leave it in for about 30 minutes.

I made a mistake of taking it out of the oven right after when it was done baking. The oven glove smudged the paint off as the paint has not set. I was lucky I was able to fix the smudges. And there you have it, your own decorative plate.

Design inspiration from Chile

I was recently invited to visit Chile and of course I jumped at the chance. I had no clue what South American had installed for me. Upon arriving I was taken to this local market in Santiago. Local artisans selling their crafts in tiny store fronts.  The breeze and shades made the hot summer weather in Santiago very enjoyable. We were invited to a relative’s house and I got to see how South Americans decorate their homes. I admired their outdoor living space. Luscious greens at every corner. The cross breeze from the open windows and doors was refreshing. There were no flies, mosquitos or bugs. This was heaven! The white kitchen was definitely my favourite. The grey and white checkered tiles were carried outdoors to the patio, the pots and pans on display and the fruits…oh the fruits. Those would have all disappeared if I lived there.  Everywhere I turn, I see wood panels.  The wood panels were painted white or left in its own natural state.

We went to Vina Del Mar and Valpariso for the day. I capture this beautiful view of Valpariso. And look at these beach condos in Vina Del Mar. In between each condo, they had vehiculars elevators to take you up to your level. There also were stairs but thought the vertical elevators were more fun. These amazing beach condos faced the ocean, I wish I can wake up every morning to this view. We flew down south to see some volcanos and stayed at another relative’s home. He had an array of antiques. This fireplace kept us warm at night. The south was a lot cooler than Santiago as it is closer to the South Pole. I left Chile and realized I am in love with natural wood in my decor. Natural wood floors, tables and cabinets are things Chile and I currently have in common in my home. Where have you travelled to and was inspire with their decor?

Ikea kitchens designed  by Ikea, House & Home and Style at Home

Ikea just released their new kitchen line in February. I was able to attend the Interior Design Show in Toronto for the preview before the big launch.

Ikea invited House & Home magazine and Style at Home magazine and created three different kitchen styles with Ikea’s new line.

This Style at Home kitchen had black and gold as their main colours. They seemed to be inspired by french bakeries.

What I love most about this kitchen is the tiny chandelier.

This Ikea kitchen had white and yellow as main colours. They seemed to be inspired by science lab/green house.

What I love about this kitchen is the yellow cabinets.

House & Home magazine had blue and grey as their main colours. They seemed to be inspired by European country style.

What I love about this kitchen is the pantry.

How do you not love the pantry?!

What I learn from these kitchens is you can mix in your existing kitchen with Ikea’s new kitchen line and it will work seemlessly together. Ikea offers online and in person consultations. Give it a try.

Which kitchens above do you like best?

Hudson’s Bay on Queen St. W.

Hello everyone! Thanks for dropping by my page. I will like to start my first post with an event I went to the other night at the Hudson’s Bay on Queen St. W.

The event is to unveil the 6th & 7th floor with the their new home decor section. And boy, did I fall in love with the 7th floor.

As I arrived on the top floor, I was greeted by this picturesque display.  The feel of spring’s arrival surely was welcomed.

I immediately went to the wedding registry section and found this array of  center pieces featured on this gorgeous wooden table with curvy silhouette legs.

I found the Etsy section. Very excited that the Bay supports individual artists!

I just love the signage on this floor. I definitely knew which section I was in. The gadgets are really clever. I definitely need to go back and spend more time with these contraptions.

Last but not least, Kate Spade!  Love the patterns.

There is so much to see at the Bay. I can spend a whole Sunday afternoon here. If you are in the downtown Toronto area, drop by and get inspired.