Fail – natural remedy to unclog sink

Our kitchen sink gurgles for no reason and it is loud. Sometimes the water won’t drain either.I’ve asked my husband to fix it but he is a typical guy who says yes but puts it off.

So I took matters into my own hands in hopes to search for a cheap and natural solution. I read many posts and I keep seeing baking soda with vinegar. Easy enough so I tried it.

#1. Pour hot water in the sink

#2. Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda down the drain.

#3. Pour 1 cup vinegar down the drain. (I added lemon to it to kill the bateria)

#4. Plug the sink to let the chemical reaction do its thing.

#5. After 5-10 minutes, pour hot water down the drain.

Tada! Nope, no tada. Gurgling still there.

We then tried Draino and still didn’t work. So now we are out of options except calling a plumber. Not sure why the drain is clogged. Anyone?


DIY Sharpies dishware

I saw all these ornate Sharpie cups on Pinterest recently and thought how hard can it be? And would the Sharpie wash off? The answer is it isn’t hard and it will stay if you handwash them.

Project difficulty: 3

Start off with a plate (or whatever you desire to make). I got this Dollarstore plate for $2.50 CAD. And oil based Sharpie. I read quite a few blogs and they all say to use oil based.

Then start your design. If you make a mistake, you can use alcohol to whip off the Sharpie. I used nail polish remover and it worked.

Once you are done with your design, let the paint set overnight. Then put it in the oven at 350 F and leave it in for about 30 minutes.

I made a mistake of taking it out of the oven right after when it was done baking. The oven glove smudged the paint off as the paint has not set. I was lucky I was able to fix the smudges. And there you have it, your own decorative plate.

Rub-A-Scrub Scrub (coffee scrub)

Summer time is coming (finally) and I need to get my skin summer ready. I just made this coffee scrub in 5 minutes. This normally will cost $20-$25 in stores and I made it for pennies.

Project difficulty: 1

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Vitamin E oil, granulated sugar and coffee grind.

  1. Find an empty jar. I used an old candle jar. See how to clean out used candle jars here.
  2. Combine equal parts of coffee grinds and granulated sugar.
  3. Scoop 1/2 the amount of coconut oil as the dry ingredients in the jar (make sure the coconut oil is not hot and runny but soft and pliable).
  4. Add one tablespoon of Vitamin E oil. If you are making a small batch, use less.
  5. Use a fork or spoon to combine the ingredients together. 
  6. Try it to see if you like the texture. You can adjust the texture by adding more dry ingredients if it is too liquidy or add more coconut oil if it feels too rough. 

And you are done! Put it in your shower and use as needed. Happy scrubbing!

What do you do to get summer ready? Share your ritual.

Displaying seashells from vacations

I just came back from St. Maarten last night. While in the water, we collected some shells. I came home and was not sure what to do with all the shells.

I found a small glass jar so I bottled up the tiny shells.

There aren’t many in the bottle now but I do plan to collect more in my future travels. I can then add to my collection.

I then surround the jar with the larger seashells and put then in my existing display box. While searching for shells, I also found a broken piece of a large shell. Wish I have the whole thing. 

If you know what it is, please let me know. I then put the broken piece on top of the display box. Who says you need to put everything inside the box?!

I am sure the broken shell will be a conversation piece. And since the display is by the front door, if guests miss it coming in, they sure will see it while leaving.  There you have it, this only took a couple of minutes to do. And now I have a display of my new seashell collection.

What did you do with your seashells?

DIY Yarn ball pendant light 

A while back I saw a yarn ball pendant light and thought it was really neat. Then our TV team did a DIY version of it so of course I tried it out.  Worked like a charm!

Project difficulty: 5

The best thing is you can customize the colour! After watching the video I bought the yarn,  fabric stiffener and a beach ball. And that’s all you need. Just follow the video and it will work out perfectly.

Don’t try all the Pinterest alternatives like using Modge Podge or starch paste. They do not work! I tried them and this is how they turned out.

Not very strudy. Spend the extra buck and buy the fabric stiffener. You won’t regret it.

Easy DIY customized photo canvas

This project is quick and easy. The hardest part is to figure out which picture you want to use.

Project difficulty: 2

For this project, you will need:

  • Photo
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Black poster paint
  • Paint brush
  • Blank canvas (I got 8″X10″ and 9″X12″)
  1.  Print out photos either at home or at photo developer. I got mine at Walmart. I printed 8″X10″, 5″X7″ and 4″X5 3/4″. It all depends on if you want a boarder or not.
  2. I learned each canvas was slightly different size.  So I placed the photo on top of the canvas and trimmed off the excess. 
  3. Paint the whole canvas black. Make sure to paint the sides of the canvas and let the paint dry.
  4. Once the paint is dry, dilute the glue with a little water. Then paint the back if the picture with the glue solution. Place it on the canvas, then paint the whole picture with the solution. 
  5. Let the glue solution dry and you are done.

Glitter candle jars

My best friend got married this past November. She was doing her wedding on a budget and asked me to do some DIY glitter jars as part of her centre pieces.

Project difficulty: 4/10

I started asking my friends to keep all their burnt out candle jars.

1. I got all the leftover wax out by freezing the jars. The longer you leave it in the freezer the better.  When you remove it from the freezer, the wax might pop right out, or you’ll need to use a knife to break up the wax. Any little pieces that are stuck to the jar you can remove with nail polish remover. I heard baby oil works too but never tried.

2. You’ll need painter’s tape, Elmer’s glue and of course, glitter.

3. Decide what pattern you want and tape the inside of the jar. If you want the glitter on the outside, you can tape the outside. I didn’t want glitter to fall everywhere so I did mine on the inside. It took a few tries to get the tape to go on straight.

4. I watered down the glue a little 3:1 ratio.  Then I painted the inside of the jar with the glue. Then immediately sprinkled the glitter all around the jar. Don’t worry if the glue and glitter got on the tape, when you peel the tape off, all that will be gone. Dump out the excess glitter and reuse. Let dry.

5. Carefully remove the tape. You might want to use the tip of a knife to help peel off the tape. If some of the glue or glitter seeped through the tape, simply remove with a Q-Tip with a little nail polish remover.

6. Put a tealight candle inside and you got yourself a glitter candle jar.

Painting laminate furniture

I moved into my husband’s condo almost two years ago before we were married. His furniture were mostly hand-me-downs from family & friends. Definitely not my style. So when I stared at faux wood side tables everyday, I decided to paint them.

Project difficulty: 3/10

1. Clean the piece you want to paint with soap and water

2. Use a primer to prime the piece so the paint will hold

3. Let primer dry. I sped up the process by using a fan

4. Paint your piece with colour desired. I painted mine black as a base. Let the first coat completely dry and then put on a second coat. I would like to adhere wallpaper to the top later but haven’t done yet. Will update later.

5. Make sure the last coat is completely dry before placing anything on top.

Jewelry Board

I decided to create a jewelry board because I kept wearing the same pieces over and over again. I realized putting them in jewelry boxes meant out of sight, out of mind. So what better way to display my bling than creating a jewelry board?

Level of difficulty: 2/10

  1. I purchased a framed cork board at Home Sense. I love the detail on the frame. You can definitely purchase the cork board and the frame separately. You can get the cork board at Michael’s.
  2. I took out the cork board from the frame and painted it white to match the frame. I did a couple of coats of paint because it sucks up quite a lot of paint.
  3. Once it was dried, I tacked on a few strings and a ribbon with decorative tacks. The strings to hang my drop earrings. The ribbon to pin my studs. I wish I purchased ribbons with holes in them to make the pinning of the studs easier. You have to play with the height of each string for the drop earrings. I adjusted mine a few times.
  4. Once you secure the strings and ribbon with tacks, figure out where you want your bracelets and rings to go. Place the actual jewelry on the board and arrange.
  5. Once you decide, place pearl head pins on an angle.
  6. Put the cork board back into the frame and Voila, your very own cork board jewelry board.